Sports Academies

The aim of the Sport Academies is to improve the skill levels of players at a junior level so that by the time they reach senior level, they are significantly advanced. In Years 9 and 10 students participate in their chosen Academy, representing one of key sports at this school: Rugby or Netball. The Academies take approximately 40 students each year across these sporting codes.

Students who are involved in an Academy are proving to be fitter, better prepared for their season and more disciplined in their health and fitness. They benefit from presentations by experts that impart key strategies the students can use to improve their sporting preparation and performance. Pre-season fitness, conditioning, theory, nutrition and time management are covered as well as skill development in their chosen sport.

Rugby Academy

This will be the start of your child’s rugby journey at Otahuhu College. Respect, discipline and a hard working attitude are the 3 pillars that will be driven and installed into our kids from the beginning. I believe that with these 3 pillars will build a strong foundation for our kids. I can assure that both our Y9 and Y10 academy will be equipped with basic understanding of the game, the rugby rules, students will have a clear understanding of their rugby positions, field responsibilities and their roles with in the game.

Students will have the chance to enhance their skill levels, catch pass technique, tackle tech and steady fitness levels. This will overall help our kids enjoy and develop their love and passion for the sport.

Vasa Falealii

Netball Academy

Students in the academy will play Otahuhu College’s Netball Team in the Secondary School Competition at Auckland Netball Centre. This program focuses on developing fundamental skills and understanding tactics through engaging activities.

Beyond the court, the Netball Academy teaches problem-solving, decision-making, teamwork, commitment, and leadership. Students will learn games rules, positions, and have the chance to get their umpire qualifications.

They will also discover how to prepare their bodies with proper nutrition and practice mental techniques useful both in netball and life. Skills like goal setting, positive self-talk, imagery, and visualization will be part of this holistic approach.

We are confident this academy will shape well rounded individuals, boosting their sports abilities and supporting academic pursuits. Year 9 and 10 students keen to join can email Ms. Cameron at

Join us on this exciting journey towards personal growth, sportsmanship, and academic excellence through netball at Otahuhu College.

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