“Otahuhu College continually inspires a positive attitude to learning and challenges all of us to excel’’

Otahuhu College is known for the quality of its teaching and for its academic results, we believe that all our students can excel and high expectations of success are held for each and every student.

Our academic programme is about tailoring education to individual need, interest and aptitude so as to ensure that each and every student is challenged and inspired to reach the highest standards possible.

Learning to take risks; learning from failure; problem solving – alone and as a member of a team, listening to others; contributing to others’ success all form part of learning at Otahuhu College. We encourage our students to seek and accept feedback and ask for help; to be open minded and generous with their support and praise of others.

At the end of their academic studies at Otahuhu College we want our students to have great opportunities and we unashamedly encourage and support our students in aiming for University entrance and to make choices that will ensure they will have the best possible future.

List of Approved Subjects for University Entrance:

Accounting History
Biology Mathematics
Calculus Multi-Materials Technology
Chemistry Music
Classical Studies Physical Education
Dance Physics
Digital Technologies Product Design Technology
Drama Samoan
Economics Science
English Te Reo Māori
Food Technology Tongan
Geography Visual Arts

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